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After the winter months, when blossom finally brings spring in to view, we all look to our gardens to prepare them for the hopefully balmy summer to follow. Lawns need to be cut, trees need to be pruned and sometimes, the piles of trimmings can obscure the view you have just created by clearing the overgrown hedge. Clearing guttering full of dead leaves can be a pungent process and the contents should be disposed of quickly, unless you have a good compost heap!


We are able to clear your garden refuse quickly and efficiently, we are experts at removing garden waste and will ensure that we offer a fully trained and professional service across London and the South East. From trees to clippings, enclosed gardens, restricted access or allotments, we are able to work in the vast majority of areas, with no job too large or small.


Inside the house, the spring clean raises dust and rubbish in the house. Old tax returns, food from three years previous, and the deep fat fryer that broke when you moved in can fill bags and bags of refuse. In London, taking a taxi to a waste disposal site is not really an option for many carless city dwellers, and a bike would be out of the question.


A new oven is arriving, but the old oven has yet to be moved, and four flights of stairs don’t help the situation. Our experienced staff will be able to take out the old so you can bring in the new. White goods are a speciality of ours with safe and quick disposal and where possible, reuse.


In the UK, recycling figures show that in the United Kingdom, we fall short at only 18% of waste recycled, compared with more than 30% in other parts of Europe. We are also among the highest waste producers with 600 kg collected per head per year. Although these figures focus on what our council services collect, that is only the tip of an iceberg involving annual garden clearances, yearly or biannual clear-outs and broken white goods. Nearly 880,000 tonnes of municipal waste were collected from North London alone. Sometimes a simple solution can be to hire a professional waste removal team, who may see the reuse or recycling potential in what you wish to get rid of. Tired furniture, rusty bikes, we will collect anything that is now waste and appropriately dispose of or recycle it.


Contact us by phone to arrange an appointment. We are able to carry out most garden and domestic clearances on the day of the appointment. We are also available via email and on social media. We have a distinguished client list including London Boroughs, national companies, Many Estate Agents, Solicitors and even the BBC, and our testimonials support our reputation as one of the best, as is our proud membership of Checkatrade.

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