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How it all began.

Back in 1999, Paul, our founding director sadly lost his father to cancer. Many of you will have been in a similar situation, faced with the prospect of handling an estate of a deceased loved one. This can be a huge task and amongst all the legal issues. Paul and his family had to clear the family home and prepare it for sale.


He engaged a house clearance company and booked a date. That would be it you’d think but after 2 days the job still wasn’t completed. This was a 3 bedroom detached house, not huge by any standards, but the company just didn’t seem to know what they were doing. There was no order to the clearance and the price kept creeping up. The amounts in the garage and loft were more than they had assumed and there were “additional expenses” that hadn’t been previously mentioned.


Finally the job was finished, Paul and the family just wanted it done by this stage and agreed all the extra costs. The property, whilst clear, was strewn with scraps of paper, splinters of wood from broken down old furniture and in need of a good sweep and hoover, neither of which had been done by the clearance company.


Overall it wasn’t a pleasant experience and this struck a chord with Paul and his partner Lorraine.


Moving forward a year and Geoff, Paul’s father,  had for many years, run a successful family hardware wholesale business from his warehouse and office premises in North Cheam but once he passed the business just wasn’t the same without him and that’s where Paul and Lorraine decided to make a change and try something new.

Their bad experience at the hands of the firm that cleared Geoff’s house had shown them that there was a niche in the market for a clearance firm that was honest and open in its approach, fair to its customers and yet with a personal touch and Lavender Clearances was born.

So Paul and Lorraine set about laying the foundations. Starting with one van and carrying out local jobs, leafletting houses and just learning the trade Paul, making contacts, soon to become friends in the business, his small team forged a path shedding light onto the previously regarded “shady world” of house clearances.


From small acorns…….


Fast forward 15 years to 2010, and 100’s of houses, flats, offices, garages, lofts cleared and satisfied customers in their wake, Chris, a long-time friend of Paul and Lorraine’s came on board as a partner and the three of them have worked tirelessly to make Lavender Clearances one of London and the South’s leading property clearance companies while retaining the ethos that brought Paul and Lorraine to create the company. Honesty, reliability, compassion and professionalism.


And so to today.


Lavender Clearances are, as they have always been, a customer focussed and professional company. Fulfilling clearance needs for their customers, serving the public and engaging in contract clearance services for solicitors, estate agents and other professional bodies. The only difference now is the scale. Operating with multiple vans, teams and locations, a dedicated backroom staff and recycling procedures they offer the complete clearance service yet they retain the values that sparked their conception and will continue to do so.  Honesty, reliability, compassion and professionalism.