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How We Recycle

Lavender Clearances have a minimal landfill and progressive recycling policy. From using reusable builders ”tonne bags” on the majority of jobs (reducing the amount of black bin liners used) separating woods, metals, plastic and paper for recycling to donating to charity or reselling items, we strive to reduce the amount of your waste to landfill.


Our ultimate goal would be to recycle 100% of the items that we clear but that just isn’t possible, so we strive to recycle 90% of the items we clear and we achieve that on a consistent and regular basis.


It doesn’t end there and there are many things we can all do to reduce emissions and be more environmentally sensitive. Here are a few of the steps that we’ve taken to reduce our impact on the environment.


  • Reusing, donating and reselling items from our clearances.
  • Yard for sorting and separating woods, metals, plastics.
  • Item specific recycling sites: Green waste, Wood, Metal, Plastic are all taken to different specialist locations.
  • All our vans are compliant with carbon emission regulations, reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Low emission light bulbs in our warehouse and offices.


It’s an ongoing process and a great responsibility but in order to secure a bright future for us and our children, Lavender Clearances are committed to do our part.

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