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compulsive hoardingWe are specialists when dealing with clearing compulsive hoarders’ houses. It can be a Herculean task ahead of you when faced with mountains of personal belongings and rubbish when a friend or relative passes away. We will always deal with this, as any other clearance, in a sympathetic way.


The sheer volume requires professional assistance and that’s where we come in. From the right staffing levels to finding lost and important family documents and once believed lost heirlooms, once our team sorts we can reunite you with these and of course manage the clearance in a timely manner. No job is too large for our multi van team.


Compulsive hoarding is neither a modern phenomenon or as rare as some people may think.


We’ve all seen the TV documentaries highlighting compulsive hoarders’ homes but this is something that has existed long before the TV cameras arrived.


Often linked to illness, the compulsion not to throw anything away is very real and affects millions of people, not just the hoarder but their family and friends who often feel helpless after many attempts to help are scorned or the whole process starts again or are faced with clearing a deceased family member or friend’s cluttered property.


It can take a surprisingly short period of time, especially following illness, for a property to become unmanageable. The lone occupant can “shrink “into a couple of rooms, close the door and ignore the issue or offers of help.


Almost all of us are capable of keeping things that we really don’t need but there are many levels of hoarding.


We have cleared properties where it was hard to imagine the occupant being able to co-exist with the volume of clutter that’s been accumulated.


We are able to offer a solution to this problem. Our sensitive and efficient team can clear any property no matter the level of hoarding, returning it to a manageable and clear property. We often reunite families with once believed lost items, from documents to family heirlooms, photographs and keepsakes.


We understand you may encounter feelings of embarrassment or helplessness when faced with a loved ones’ hoarded property but it is nothing new for us. We will always take a sympathetic view of your situation, we see it so often and whilst it can be difficult for you and your family we will offer a solution and undertake the clearance efficiently, professionally and with the upmost respect.


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